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Unveiling the


of challenging and

         emerging markets

Market research

Is your product suitable for the Russian market? Is there a possible demand now or in the future? How can you know the costs of exporting your product or the effect of duties and taxes on the selling price?

We look to provide you with the answers to these questions and the many more that may arise, by understanding your plans and your products. We can look for the answers through our own individually created Market Research services and reports.

At WBS Logistic we have a network of contacts that are ready to assist us to investigate the Russian market for your products, our professional service is designed for each of our customers individually, ensuring a unique perspective. We conduct market research in the following areas:

  • Market research
  • Consumer research.,
  • Competitor research.
  • Geomarketing.
  • Goods and brands research.
  • Advertisement research.

Contact Us and arrange for a report that can be provided both in a descriptive and analytic reporting, outlining a brief development strategy