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Guiding you through

doing business

with the largest

country in the world

Unique 4 Russia

We created a unique range of services to enable companies to do business with Russia.

Russia is unknown territory for a lot of businesses. It is our aim to let you see Russia in a clear and simple way. We promise to work with you personally, looking to understand your demands and objectives.


Your Company is interested in expanding into new markets and interested in Russia, it is not a market that you are experienced with, so are looking for advice.

From your initial enquiry, we will initially explore your ideas and plans. We offer free initial consultation potentially leading into a full Consultancy service.
All levels of business are considered and an individual approach is guaranteed.


How do you arrange the technical administration of doing business with Russian Companies? What practices are expected and which documents do you need?

We offer various Working Schemes that include advice and options to deal with contracts, banking and local regulations.


Is your product suitable for the Russian market? Is there a possible demand now or in the future? How can you know the costs of exporting your product or the effect of duties and taxes on the selling price?

We look to provide you with the answers to these questions and the many more that may arise, by understanding  your plans and your products. We will look for the answers through our own individually created market research services and reports.


If you’ve never sold your products in Russia or are looking to expand your existing business in Russia, how do you know if your products comply with local regulations? Do they satisfy safety and technical requirements?

We can help! We’ll check and advise on what documents or certificates you may require, and suggest how we can arrange them on your behalf.


You have a potential customer in Russia – how do we approach customs clearance? What information do we need to provide – can we be sure that our customer can buy our products with confidence?

You are assured that we offer a professional service with full integrity; we are in a position to advise on product classification, minimum customs values, taxes and duties. We can offer third party Customs Broker facilities and services.

It is our intention to provide a clarity and focus, where matters had not been clear before.